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All episodes here to be fingered. Take the Man Brain challenge and listen to them all in one sitting while getting spanked by your sugar mommy

Bonus 6: Mental Health Therapy From Drunk Spent Broken Silopsilists: Man Brain presents Fight Me F*ck Me Fix Me, the show where Dave Chaffey Hippie gets free mental health therapy from a diverse range of people, most of whom are not mental health professionals. In this pilot episode, Mr Holiday from the awesome My Worst Holiday podcast, attempts to cure Dave using his famous Walmart technique. Tune in to see if it worked!

Episode 7: Phone Sex Professional Ryder Doll Cures Cuck Brian: The amazing Ryder Doll, phone sex provider, has a long and hard chat with Brian Stallone, one of the Man Brain podcasting team. He starts off extremely nervous, but with the help of her sexy, soothing voice, gains confidence through the interview until finally having a breakthrough that no one thought possible. Such is her power that Brian will never be the same again. Go to for more! Or follow her on Twitter

Bonus 5: Bedtime Story - 3 Strikiatrists & I'm Bat Shit Crazy: Some psychiatrists are stranger and more diverse than Star Wars aliens. This is the bedtime story of Dave Chaffey Hippie battling 3 of them like Luke Skywalker in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Or maybe more like a little piggy getting blown by three big bad wolf psychiatrists.

Bonus 4: Marriage Equality Rant - Kevin Donnelly Homohating Catholic Pell Pudding Custard F*cktard: Skullf*cker rants at Kevin Donnelly the homohating Catholic Pell Pudding Custard F*cktard for almost an hour. Even worse for Kevin is that marriage equality in Australia will be happening this year 2017. In your Christ-tarded face Kevin!

Episode 6: Marriage Equality OR The Gay Mafia Hates Black People: In your face Lyle Shelton @lyleshelton now that you're about to lose all your freedoms to the gay mafia I can capture you for my new f*ck me fight me fix me project. Marriage Equality in Australia is happening!

Bonus 3: Your Podcast Suck Up Sovereignty Cuntich Women: Muffy and Hank are back after a 10 year hiatus; not because you want them, but because you need them. Their new mission: destroy every single one of the 10,000 podcasts out there ending with their own.

Bonus 2: Censored PC Ep5 Intro: The most censor bleeps added to a podcast ever! Politically incorrect trigger words 100% removed. This is what it takes for Man Brain to be palatable to sensitive ears. Extreme comedy is painfully funny / Extreme censoring is painfully annoying. Any longer than this 6 minute ep5 introduction would be unbearable. Go to for the complete uncensored version & become a member to take a stand and #savemanbrain from all the hypocrites who love eating meat & buying cheap clothes made by slaves yet block those who use all the words in the dictionary.

Episode 5: Bad Girls Give Tossers Someone to Blame: extreme comedy is painfully funny / previous episode recap: the locker room pussy love fondue / Libel Tosser is NOT a parody of Gabel Tostee, the Tinder Lothario / Libel Tosser, aka The Untalented Mr Rapey, is a psychopathic narcissistic killer robot with a malfunctioning IQ circuit / Libel Tosser tries to do comedy adding sound effects to his infamous death threats / Libel Tosser continues with wacky sound effects over Mel Gibson's phone death threats / Libel Tosser promotes his new deplorable internet show / Libel gets angry and transforms into a kill robot / You won't see the end coming but it's way better than anything that the old hack Trey Parker could come up with

Bonus 1: Tribute to Misery Loves Company podcast: Rage against NWA DJ mashup featuring Kevin Brennan, Jimmy Martinez & Carie Karavas & introducing Adam aka Arnold & Tom Cassidy's mom / All samples stolen without permission but Kevin also shoplifts from Macy's / Donate to Kevin Brennan & enjoy the soothing rant lullabies at

Episode 4: Bad Girls give alleged Psychopaths a Bad Name: Deeply disturbing locker room talk inspired by actual events. You have never laughed and been disturbed by anything like this episode that is NOT about Gable Tostee aka Dame Eric Below Average. Please share with those who need it most; both elites and deplorables. An extreme comedy podcast must go to places that regular folk would never dream of to examine the most hideous aspects of human nature that are a reality; no matter what denial lengths we’ll go to that surely none of this happens in our family / church / school / work / tribe. It’s all the other bad people who are nothing like us and are trying to destroy our way of life, right? Well, maybe, but do not forget about the enemy within our ranks and the darkness within us all. There really is no darkness; only somethingness and nothingness.

Episode 3: Sexy Incest Role Play Fail: An emasculated man fails at a sexy role-play, The cuddly Muppets sing about how b*tches & p*ssies destroy everything, a disturbing loving family resurrect their grandpa with magical incest, & a step-mom sexual predator is taken care of. All perfect scenarios for extreme comedy and appallingly funny. Doin' the D*ck Twitch will be the next dance craze.

Episode 2: Social Justice Warriors of Hate: SJWs and the US Democratic Party are still in deep mourning after the 2016 Presidential elections and we have the Man Brain solutions: purging, orgasmic meditation and wet nurse prostitution. The Hippie Prophet will guide you through achieving the climax that you have been struggling for years to achieve, then transmitting the powerful spasms out for the world to enjoy

Episode 1: Pussy Grabbing Trumps Feminism: Men's Rights Advocacy Satire Podcast Rant that is disgustingly funny. Do not listen if you are easily triggered/offended and are still in a meltdown because Donald Trump won and you believe that this is the end for humanity.