Extreme 18+ comedy like you've never heard before. Those who refuse to listen will be gently gropered in 2030 when the emergent Frorg shatter all our remaining puny human delusions. Resistance to Man Brain is futile. Finger here for all episodes

In your face Lyle Shelton @lyleshelton now that you're about to lose all your freedoms to the gay mafia I can capture you for my new f*ck me fight me fix me project

Episode 5: Bad Girls Give Tossers Someone to Blame: extreme comedy is painfully funny / previous episode recap: the locker room pussy love fondue / Libel Tosser is NOT a parody of Gabel Tostee, the Tinder Lothario / Libel Tosser, aka The Untalented Mr Rapey, is a psychopathic narcissistic killer robot with a malfunctioning IQ circuit / Libel Tosser tries to do comedy adding sound effects to his infamous death threats / Libel Tosser continues with wacky sound effects over Mel Gibson's phone death threats / Libel Tosser promotes his new deplorable internet show / Libel gets angry and transforms into a kill robot / You won't see the end coming but it's way better than anything that the old hack Trey Parker could come up with

"...incredibly creative!! It's like nothing I've ever heard! ...It's bizarre, funny, opinionated, and demented all at once!" - Beloved New York comedian who appeared on Dave Letterman & Louie

"Made by serial killer trolls from the dark web hell-bent on executing a real-life mash-up of Fight Club & South Park" - Dave Chaffey Hippie

Episode 4: Bad Girls give alleged Psychopaths a Bad Name: Deeply disturbing locker room talk inspired by actual events. You have never laughed and been disturbed by anything like this episode that is NOT about Gable Tostee aka Dame Eric Below Average. Please share with those who need it most; both elites and deplorables. An extreme comedy podcast must go to places that regular folk would never dream of to examine the most hideous aspects of human nature that are a reality; no matter what denial lengths we’ll go to that surely none of this happens in our family / church / school / work / tribe. It’s all the other bad people who are nothing like us and are trying to destroy our way of life, right? Well, maybe, but do not forget about the enemy within our ranks and the darkness within us all. There really is no darkness; only somethingness and nothingness.

Bonus episode: Tribute to Misery Loves Company podcast: Rage against NWA DJ mashup featuring Kevin Brennan, Jimmy Martinez & Carie Karavas & introducing Adam aka Arnold & Tom Cassidy's mom / All samples stolen without permission but Kevin also shoplifts from Macy's / Donate to Kevin Brennan & enjoy the soothing rant lullabies at www.kevinbrennancomedian.com

Episode 3: Sexy Incest Role Play Fail

Episode 2: Social Justice Warriors of Hate

Episode 1: Pussy Grabbing Trumps Feminism

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