Episode 13: Learn Aussie Slang With The Bicker Bogans: The Bicker Bogans answer some ripper questions from the Bicker Bots American podcast. If you want to learn how real Australians talk when smelly foreigners aren't around, then take a listen as we've really let the joey out of the pouch.

Bonus 9: Itunes Podcast Chart Hacking Lance Armstrong's Balls: We were approached by a dude from Bangladesh who claimed to be able to get us a top ITunes ranking. We usually just fuck with these people or ignore their botty botness, but this time we managed to convince this guy to give us a little taste for FREE of what he could do...

Bonus 8: John Farnham Whispering Jack Off Boys: Bag your pipes and Whispering Jack your Special Touch of Paradise as Muffy & Pandy discuss John Farnham's greatest album.

Episode 11: Stefan Molyneux sucks my big black cuck: This is the story of your enslavement to Stefan Molyneux, internet libertarian cult leader hyper-reductionist douchebag.

What is Man Brain Podcast?

Are you ready for EXTREME 18+ NSFW sketch comedy & clip mashups like you've never heard before? Those who refuse to listen will be gently gropered in 2030 when the emergent Frorg tech hive mind shatters all our remaining puny human delusions. Resistance to Man Brain is futile. Finger here for all episodes

Comedians love Man Brain Podcast and so will you!!!

"Listened to your new one about sexual harassment-SO FUNNY! Especially loved the role playing! I’m a big fan." - Patty Rosborough, revered American comedian who co-hosted Short Attention Span Theater with Jon Stewart

"...incredibly creative!! It's like nothing I've ever heard! ...It's bizarre, funny, opinionated, and demented all at once!" - Lenny Marcus, beloved American comedian who appeared on Dave Letterman & Louie

"Made by serial killer trolls from the dark web hell-bent on executing a real-life mash-up of Fight Club, South Park & Pauly Shore's Son-in-law" - Dave Chaffey Hippie, greatest extreme comedian of his generation who founded Man Brain podcast then was unceremoniously fired

Classic Episodes

Episode 10: Comedian Kevin Gootee tells cuck Brian his jokes are terrible in the nicest possible way: Special guest comedian Kevin Gootee from Comics Watching Comics has a long hard dominant chat with cuck Brian about BDSM switching, hilarious homosexuality jokes, hacky 12 days of Christmas jokes, Oprah for president, doing a Kevin Spacey on the Man Brain interns, depraved comedian vices & sexual deviancy, NFL head injuries, meth benders, fart noises, hardly any comedians called Kevin & how to make it massive in standup.

Episode 9: Best Of 2017 With Lots Of Spanks: SJW hater of our podcast Blossom Laqueefer was kind enough to join us and she thoroughly disciplines us for our disgusting sexist, racist podcast that promotes rape culture. Nigel plays the top 8 clips from this year's episodes and Hank enjoys the spanks a little too much. Make sure you listen to the squirting climax at the end!

Bonus 7 Dave's Last Episode Where He Calls Everyone A C*nt: If you've never heard the show before, probably don't start with this one! We wish Dave all the best with his future endeavours. He is an amazing guy. Man Brain podcast sprang from his imagination and we will never forget that! Thanks to all the fans who have supported us through these tumultuous times.

Episode 8: Lauer Locks it Weinstein Cleans it Louis CK Jerks it: In this very special episode we’re counting down the top 3 Man Brain news stories of the year 2017. What a year it’s been! As Fox Mulder, the alien chasing sex addict always said: Trust no one, with a dick. Muffy, Hank and Mr Holiday from the awesomely debaucherific podcast My Worst Holiday discuss and ropleplay the Louis CK cockle, the Matt Lauer meat sausage and the Harvey Weinstein weenie. The roleplays really demonstrate how men can be such creepy sex monsters and Muffy gets a little traumatised because he can be a sensitive flower.

Episode 7: Phone Sex Professional Ryder Doll Cures Cuck Brian: The amazing Ryder Doll, phone sex provider, has a long and hard chat with Brian Stallone, one of the Man Brain podcasting team. He starts off extremely nervous, but with the help of her sexy, soothing voice, gains confidence through the interview until finally having a breakthrough that no one thought possible. Such is her power that Brian will never be the same again. Go to www.ryderdoll.com for more! Or follow her on Twitter www.twitter.com/flirtryderdoll

Older episodes with descriptions to fully understand Man Brain length, circumference & thrusting power


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