"...incredibly creative!! It's like nothing I've ever heard! ...It's bizarre, funny, opinionated, and demented all at once!" - Beloved New York comedian who appeared on Dave Letterman & Louie

Are you ready for extreme 18+ sketch comedy & clip mashups like you've never heard before? Those who refuse to listen will be gently gropered in 2030 when the emergent Frorg shatter all our remaining puny human delusions. Resistance to Man Brain is futile. Finger here for all episodes

Episode 7: Phone Sex Professional Ryder Doll Cures Cuck Brian: The amazing Ryder Doll, phone sex provider, has a long and hard chat with Brian Stallone, one of the Man Brain podcasting team. He starts off extremely nervous, but with the help of her sexy, soothing voice, gains confidence through the interview until finally having a breakthrough that no one thought possible. Such is her power that Brian will never be the same again. Go to www.ryderdoll.com for more! Or follow her on Twitter www.twitter.com/flirtryderdoll

Bonus 5: Bedtime Story - 3 Strikiatrists & I'm Bat Shit Crazy: Some psychiatrists are stranger and more diverse than Star Wars aliens. This is the bedtime story of Dave Chaffey Hippie battling 3 of them like Luke Skywalker in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Or maybe more like a little piggy getting blown by three big bad wolf psychiatrists.

Bonus 4: Marriage Equality Rant - Kevin Donnelly Homohating Catholic Pell Pudding Custard F*cktard: Skullf*cker rants at Kevin Donnelly the homohating Catholic Pell Pudding Custard F*cktard for almost an hour. Even worse for Kevin is that marriage equality in Australia will be happening this year 2017. In your Christ-tarded face Kevin!

Bonus 3: Your Podcast Suck Up Sovereignty Cuntich Women:Muffy and Hank are back after a 10 year hiatus; not because you want them, but because you need them. Their new mission: destroy every single one of the 10,000 podcasts out there ending with their own.

Episode 6: Marriage Equality OR The Gay Mafia Hates Black People:

Episode 5: Bad Girls Give Tossers Someone to Blame

Episode 4: Bad Girls give alleged Psychopaths a Bad Name

Bonus 1: Tribute to Misery Loves Company podcast

Episode 3: Sexy Incest Role Play Fail

Episode 2: Social Justice Warriors of Hate

Episode 1: Pussy Grabbing Trumps Feminism

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Other Man Brain Splooge to moisturise your face & cure the 17 signs of looking like an old unf*ckable f*g-hag-man-bag then blog about it for no one to read then make some diagrams that are impossible to understand

"Made by serial killer trolls from the dark web hell-bent on executing a real-life mash-up of Fight Club, South Park & Pauly Shore's Son-in-law" - Dave Chaffey Hippie